Moskvarium Visitor Regulations

  • Moskvarium is open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM, except for the cleaning day – the last Monday of each month (can be postponed to another date, information about it is posted on the official website
  • Visitors can enter the exposition Aquarium until 9PM only.
  • Entrance to the Water Show and the Aquarium is allowed only by the tickets purchased at the official points of sales:
    • ticket offices at Moskvarium (Moscow, Mira Avenue, 119, pavilion 23, VDNH);
    • official website;
    • salespoints of Moskvariums's official partners.
  • Tickets to Aquarium are purchased for adults and children over 3 years old. The ticket is valid for the date in the ticket and for a single pass only.
  • Tickets to the Water Show are purchased for all categories of visitors (including children under 3 years). The ticket is valid for the date and time in the ticket and for a single pass only.
  • The program and the cast of the events can be changed by the Moskvarium administration without prior notice.
  • Before getting the tickets to the Water Show, please pay attention to the places you choose. On some seats visitors might get wet due to splashes of water caused by the tricks performed.
  • E-tickets must be presented in printed copy or on an electronic device (mobile phone, tablet). You can print the ticket (with the order number and a bank card you have used to pay) in the ticket vending machines of Moskvarium, located at: Moscow, Mira Avenue, 119, pavilion 23, VDNH.
  • Entrance fees and special offers are indicated on information stands in Moskvarium, and on the Moskvarium official website.
  • In case the reduced fee is established according to the age of the visitors, cashiers and / or ticket inspectors have the right to demand the presentation of documents confirming the age of the visitor.
  • Reduced fee tickets are purchased at Moskvarium ticket offices only after presentation of a document confirming reduction of payment, in accordance with Moskvarium fees.
  • There are special photo zones for professional photo shooting by Moskvarium photographers. In Aquarium the photo zones are located near aquariums with duplicated exposition or near one of the sides of all-round aquariums.
  • Due to prophylactic maintenance works and resting time for the animals the swimming pool viewing windows can be temporarily closed.
  • Before visiting the Aquarium exposition, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the plan of the exposition and follow the navigation system.
  • For disabled visitors (in wheelchairs) there are special ramps. To ascend and descend prams visitors with children can address the administration desk.
  • Only guides of Moskvarium are allowed to conduct excursions on the territory of the Aquarium exposition.
  • In case of cancellation of the event on the initiative of Moskvarium administration, the refund of the tickets is carried out at the address: Moscow, Mira Avenue, 119, pavilion 23 (VDNH) (Moskvarium) within ten days from the date of the request. In this case, the full price of the tickets is returned. The refund of discounted tickets for canceled events is accomplished according to discount regulations.
  • In case of cancellation of the event on the day of the event for reasons beyond the Administration control (force majeure circumstances), ticket refund requests are accepted within ten days from the cancellation of the event, at the address: Moscow, Mira Avenue, 119, pavilion 23 (VDNH) (Moskvarium), as well as by e-mail given on the official website with information about purchased tickets, photos or scanned copies attached. The refund is to be accomplished within ten days from the date of the request. In this case, the full price of the tickets is returned.
  • Tickets with unreadable or altered (withered, sealed, strikethrough, corrected, erased, smeared, etc.) information fields are invalid.
  • Moskvarium can change all the offers, prices and sale conditions for upcoming and unsold services without notice, put limits on duration, seats and dates of prepurchase, put limits due to weekends and holidays, special offers, waiting lists and other conditions and restrictions. Children under 14 years old must be accompanied by adults.
  • Children are allowed to visit events only conforming to signs of age limit established by Moskvarium administration. Responsibility for children under the age limit established by Moskvarium administration lies on parents or other official representatives.

Visiting requirements

  • Leave outerwear in the cloakroom according to the rules of the cloakroom in Moskvarium.
  • Keep order at the entrance to the event hall.
  • Take your seats in the audience according to the ticket and save the ticket until the end of the show.
  • The admission of visitors to the Show starts 30 minutes before the time indicated in the ticket.
  • The visitors agree that in the case of a telecasting or a footage of the event, the event organizer and / or the person carrying out the telecasting or the footage of the event has the right to use, free of charge, the recording of the visitor's images (including for use in audiovisual works) obtained during the footage directly at the event or in connection with the event, in any place, in any way without restriction of the territory and the period of use.
  • The administration has the right to regulate the number of visitors to the Moskvarium, including temporal access restriction to Moskvarium, based on the number of visitors already present in Moskvarium.
  • In order to ensure the safety of visitors and the detection of objects prohibited for carrying to Moskvarium, visitors enter Moskvarium through a control point equipped with arched and manual metal detectors. Visitors who have step counters and other medical devices that can be affected by a metal detector for normal operation should inform the controller when approaching the monitoring system. Manual metal detectors are also used for disabled persons. Administration has the right not to let the visitor in Moskvarium if they refuse to go through security system.
  • Regulations on swimming with dolphins are presented in the Swimming with dolphins Center.

It is forbidden to…

  • Smoke on the territory of Moskvarium (electronic cigarettes, vapes included).
  • Carry your own food and drinks; drink any drinks brought with you (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) except food for infants (up to 3 y.o.); enter Moskvarium under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants; carry bladed, traumatic, fire weapon, piercing or cutting objects, flammable, fragile, explosive, poisonous, odorous and narcotic substances, chemical reagents; large objects (suitcases, bags, boxes, etc.), helium balls and glass containers; laser pointers, flashlights and other lighting devices; animals.
  • Feed animals and fish, throw any objects (coins, food, etc.) into the water.
  • Carry out unauthorized commercial activities.
  • Violate the public order, loudly talk, make noise, whistle during the performance, litter and scatter various items on the territory of the Moskvarium.
  • Move around Moskvarium territory on skateboard, scooter, bicycle, gyroscope or roller skates.
  • Use escalators to ascend and descend prams to avoid accidents and equipment breakdowns. To ascend/descend prams, please appeal to the information desk.
  • Leave children unattended.
  • The administration reserves the right not to allow late visitors to the event hall.
  • During the show it is prohibited to approach the glass fence and pools, walk around the hall and stand in the aisles.
  • Take photos and video tapes in the hall and the Aquarium Exposition using professional photo and video equipment, take photos with flash.
  • Knock on the glass of aquariums.

In case of violation Moskvarium Visitor Regulations, the Administration reserves the right to refuse entry to Moskvarium or to ask to leave Moskvarium.

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