Return and Exchange Policy

How to Return Tickets to a Water Show/Baby Theatre

How to Return Tickets to the Aquarium/Multimedia Exhibition

How to Return Tickets to all Other Activities (lectures, tours etc.)

‘Combo’, a ticket to Moskvarium (admission to the Aquarium and a water show or exhibition, or another combination), is considered to be one single ticket. You cannot return or exchange this ticket partially.

Please note: each visitor, with no regard to age, should have their own ticket to the water show. In case of damage, spoilage or loss of the ticket we do not issue duplicates and do not make a refund. In case of changing, cancelling or postponing the activity initiated by Moskvarium the box office of Moskvarium makes a 100% during an estimated period of time:

In all cases the electronic tickets purchased on the official Moskvarium website (and the tickets purchases at the box office and ticket machines at Moskvarium) can be exchanged or refunded at the Moskvarium building, situated VDNKh, 119 Prospekt Mira, building 23, Moscow, on the basis of a personal written application of the customer upon the presentation of any identification document, namely:

The tickets purchased at our recognised partners’ sales outlets can be returned to the recognised partner who issued the ticket to at Moskvarium according to art. 3.10 of the present rules.

Applications for the refund are considered and the refunds are implemented (in case of application approval) within 15 (fifteen) working days from the date of application receipt.

In case of force majeure the refund period can be extended.

In case of ticket exchange, tickets are considered valid and are subject to exchange for the replaced event at Moskvarium box offices.

Replacement of performers participating in the event is not the basis for ticket refund or demand of a free ticket to a similar event with the desired cast of participants.

An unused ticket cannot be used to attend events on other dates.

Refund of tickets sold at a discount to canceled, rescheduled or replaced events, is made according to the discount.

The Customer’s subjective evaluation of the epidemiological situation relating to the spread of coronavirus infection caused by 2019-nCoV as negative is not considered a reason for the Customer’s rejection of tickets and a refund.

In case the state authorities of the Russian Federation issue regulatory documents about a ban on mass events Moskvarium postpones events to the dates following the cancellation of the restrictive measures. In case Moskvarium has not set the new date and time of the postponed event within 6 months since the cancellation of the restrictive measures date, the event is considered as cancelled and Moskvarium makes a full refund of the ticket to the Customer on their initiative.

By purchasing a ticket for the event held by Moskvarium, the buyer confirms the formation of the services contract, as well as their agreement with these rules. The services contract is formalized by the issue of the ticket to the purchaser. A ticket is a recognised document containing information about the terms of the contract with the consumer.

*Justifications are any documentarily supported circumstances related to an illness or death of a visitor (the person who directly purchased the ticket to the event), or the death of their family member or a close relative according to the Family Code of the Russian Federation. If a visitor refuses to attend an event at Moskvarium due to an illness, they must send a related notification to the email address with the ticket attached not later than the event date, one hour before the time of the event. Later, if the visitor has provided documents confirming an illness on the date of the event, a refund is provided to the visitor. The supporting documents are provided not later than within 14 calendar days after the date of the event that the visitor had a ticket for. If a visitor has not sent a notification about the forced refusal to attend an event due to an illness before the event date, a refund cannot be provided. Please note that a refund due to an illness is carried out only for the ticket of the visitor who had a justification and provided supporting documents. In case the refusal to attend an event occurred due to a child’s illness, a refund is provided only for two tickets – a kid’s ticket and one of the family member’s ticket. Moskvarium keeps the right to provide a refund to a Visitor in other circumstances depending on the situation. According to the Family Code of the Russian Federation close relatives are the following categories of citizens: children and their parents; grandparents; grandchildren; siblings and half-siblings; family members are: spouses, parents and children (adoptive parents and adopted children).

*Before you visit Moskvarium, in order to avoid being late for an event, please read the rules of entering and going around the territory of VDNKh and the parking lots.