1. Where i can buy Moskvarium tickets? You can buy tickets at Moskvarium's cash-desks, and through our web-site: moskvarium.ru
Tickets and gift certificates for swimming with dolphins are available ONLY at cash desks of Swimming with Dolphins Center.
For more information please call our contact center +7 (499) 677-99-99

2. I have bought Aquarium ticket. May I also visit the water show? Aquarium ticket is valid for one-time visit to aquarium. You need to but an additional ticket for our water show.

3. I have bought a guided tour. Do I need to buy an entrance ticket to Aquarium? Yes, you need to buy tickets for all members of your group.

4. I have bought a water show ticket. May I visit Aquarium as well? Water show ticket is valid only for one-time visit to the show. You need to buy an additional ticket in order to visit Aquarium.

5. What is water show duration? Water show duration is 55 minutes.

6. I had bought a water show ticket, but couldn’t visit it. Will I be able to postpone my visit? Water show ticket is valid only for date and time indicated on the ticket.

7. My kid is 10 months old. Do I need to buy a ticket for him to visit Aquarium? Aquarium tickets are free for kids less than 3 y. o.

8. Are there any reduced rates for water show? Reduced rates are not provided for water shows. Every visitor regardless his age should have a ticket to attend the water show. However, we have a flexible pricing policy. Please visit tickets.moskvarium.ru or Moskvarium’s cash desks for further information.

9. Are there reduced rates for Aquarium? Aquarium is free for kids less than 3 y. o.

10. Are there reduced rates for Hands-on exhibition «Jaws»? «Jaws» is free for kids less than 3 y. o.

11. Can I reserve my ticket? Ticket reservation service is not provided, but there are several convenient ways to buy your tickets: Moskvarium’s cash desks, terminals located near the cash desks, or our web-site tickets.moskvarium.ru

12. I don’t use credit cards, how I can buy my ticket? You can pay cash at Moskvarium’s cash desks.

13. Are there combine tickets (water show + Aquarium)? Yes. If you purchase your tickets for Show and Aquarium, Aquarium ticket’s price is 500 rubles. You can purchase a combined ticket in our cash desks or via our website: www.tickets.moskvarium.ru

14. I paid tickets by card, but I didn’t get them in my e-mail box. What should I do? Please contact us: tickets@moskvarium.ru and provide the following information: your name, cell phone number and e-mail.

Please contact us: info@moskvarium.ru, if you didn’t find the necessary information.