1. Where can I buy Moskvarium tickets?

You can buy tickets at Moskvarium's cash-desks, and through our web-site: moskvarium.ru Tickets and gift certificates for swimming with dolphins are available ONLY at cash desks of Swimming with Dolphins Center.
For more information please call our contact center +7 (499) 677-99-99

2. I have bought Aquarium ticket. May I also visit the water show?

Aquarium ticket is valid for one-time visit to aquarium. You need to but an additional ticket for our water show.

3. I have bought a guided tour. Do I need to buy an entrance ticket to Aquarium?

Yes, you need to buy tickets for all members of your group.

4. I have bought a water show ticket. May I visit Aquarium as well?

Water show ticket is valid only for one-time visit to the show. You need to buy an additional ticket in order to visit Aquarium.

5. What is the duration of the Water show "Four oceans mystery"?

The duration of the Show "Four oceans mystery" is 55 minutes. Performance is without intermission.

6. I had bought a water show ticket, but couldn’t visit it. Will I be able to postpone my visit?

Water show ticket is valid only for date and time indicated on the ticket.

7. Can I don’t buy a ticket for the child for visiting the Water Show and put the child on my knees?

No, all visitors (even the youngest) need to have tickets to the auditorium. Please, pay attention, that the Water Show lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes without a break, therefore we don't recommend it to visiting children up to 3 years.

8. My kid is 10 months old. Do I need to buy a ticket for him to visit Aquarium?

Aquarium tickets are free for kids less than 3 y. o.

9. Are there any reduced rates for water show?

Reduced rates are not provided for water shows. Every visitor regardless his age should have a ticket to attend the water show. However, we have a flexible pricing policy. Please visit tickets.moskvarium.ru or Moskvarium’s cash desks for further information.

10. Have you any discounts for tickets for the Water show or the Aquarium on the Birthday?

Yes, you can get a 15% discount on a ticket to the Water show or to the Aquarium in your birthday upon presentation the identity document in the discounted cash of Moskvarium. The discount is valid only on the day of birth for 1 ticket for the birthday person, and it doesn’t apply to the purchase of tickets to another date.

11. Are there reduced rates for Aquarium?

Aquarium is free for kids less than 3 y. o.

12. Are there reduced rates for Hands-on exhibition «Jaws»?

«Jaws» is free for kids less than 3 y. o.

13. Can I reserve my ticket?

Ticket reservation service is not provided, but there are several convenient ways to buy your tickets: Moskvarium’s cash desks, terminals located near the cash desks, or our web-site tickets.moskvarium.ru

14. I don’t use credit cards, how I can buy my ticket?

You can pay cash at Moskvarium’s cash desks.

15. Are there combine tickets (water show + Aquarium)?

Yes. If you purchase your tickets for Show and Aquarium, Aquarium ticket’s price is 500 rubles. You can purchase a combined ticket in our cash desks or via our website: tickets.moskvarium.ru

16. I paid tickets by card, but I didn’t get them in my e-mail box. What should I do?

Please contact us: tickets@moskvarium.ru and provide the following information: your name, cell phone number and e-mail.

17. Can I pay tickets online payment card "Mir"?

Yes, you can.

18. Can I return or exchange tickets, If I buy tickets to Moskvarium and can't attend on a particular day?

It’s possible, the full rules of return and exchange of tickets are at the link moskvarium.ru/ru/rules

19. Where can I find the visiting rules of Moskvarium?

You can find the complete information about visiting rules at the link tickets.moskvarium.ru/rules/

20. Have you the Luggage storage in Moskvarium?

We haven’t the Luggage storage, but You can leave your things in the checkroom. The complete information about the work of the checkroom can be viewed at the link tickets.moskvarium.ru/rules/

21. Can I use a tripod for photo/video shooting?

Yes, you can.

22. Is it possible to move around the Moskvarium in a wheelchair?

The barrier-free environment for people with disabilities is created in Moskvarium, if you have any difficulties, please contact at the information Desk.

23. I have chosen (noted) seats to the Show on your website, but didn’t pay. Why don’t these places available?

The noted seats will be locked for 30 minutes, after that time places become available for purchase again.

Please contact us: info@moskvarium.ru, if you didn’t find the necessary information.